Welcome to Pebbles Pre School
Welcome to Pebbles Pre School

Welcome to Pebbles Pre-School

Pebbles Pre-School is situated on the corner of Spring Garden Lane and Stoke Road.


Pebbles setting has an entrance hallway area where children can independently hang their coats and bags, the children also self register in this area.  


Our main room is a fun environment for the children to explore and express themselves through role play activites. The main room is also home to our reading area where children can rest and enjoy some quieter time if they need to. 

We also celebrate childrens birthdays and achievements in the room.


The craft room is a vibriant space for the children to really get creative, offering many different sources of arts, crafts and sensory equipment. 

An adult led activity is always on offer to ensure all children are included and given an opportunity to create.


Within the construstion room we have a range of resources for children to be inspired through constructional play and mathematical creativity.  This room also lets children use some of our ICT equipment and to hide out in our circus tent! 

An area of this room has a large change unit, with steps for the children to climb up onto independantly.


The hallway then leads out to our outside area which is a fantastic space for the children to explore, run, climb and play.  In our garden the children enjoy our construction area, mud kitchen, sand pit, water play and our large slide, to name but a few.  We are at present awaiting planning permission to increase the height of the fence to the side of our building so that the childrens outside area can be expanded.


Upstairs you will find a bright and welcoming lunch room, the children sit together at lunch time and practitioners are on hand to help and encourage them to eat their lunch. 

This room is also used the mornings for small group "cooking activities".


Opposite the lunch room is our circle room where the children come together to enjoy group games, dancing and learn about our shape, number, colour and letter of the week.  


There is a car park for parents and carers to use when dropping off and collecting, the entrance gate to Pebbles is located by the car park.


At present Pebbles can take up to 52 children at one time and we are term time only.  


We are have a very flexible approach towards session times. 

We welcome children between the hours of 0900 and 1530 hours. 


The children are welcome to stay for lunch, our lunchtime is between 1200 hours - 1300 hours. 

The children bring with them their own packed lunch, which we encourage them to eat.


Healthly snacks are offered in the morning and the afternoon and water and milk is avaliable throughout the day. 


If you are interested in coming to see what we can offer your child, please contact us to arrange an appointment or alternatively just pop along and ring the bell - we would love to meet you.






Ofsted Registration Number: EY563072

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